Human life is consists of 3 phases basically

1.Life before Birth

2.Life on Earth

3.After life(Death n further)

Human beings are considered to be a amazing life cycle. Human beings are the one of the majestic creation of almighty.Though we are born like apes yet known as the invincible species of the Univers(Apparently yet its a paradox).

We have stepped on to an age so amazing that very few left to discover(common mind belief),but let me enlighten some more facts about it.Human might have conquered this whole world,might have put step on MOON,might have discovered the un reachable places on Earth,yet it has nt discovered itself to that extend. As per mythology its always been an undiscovered mystery that what lies in the life after death,We call it as AFTERLIFE.

Some myths says that


(LORD BRAHMA:The Creator)


(Death in view of an artist)

“According to the Mahabharata, death was not always a fact of life. This epic story, which tells of the bloody battle between two related warrior clans, gives ample opportunity to contemplate such universal concepts as the meaning of life and death. The prophetic narrator explains that once there was a time when all humans were immortal and because they were human they naturally began to procreate. Eventually the “Earth could bear no more weight.” Angry at the situation, Brahma saw no other option but to eliminate the populace, so he “filled the heaven, the sky and the Earth all with fire.” Shiva saw this and begged him not to destroy the creatures he had created. When Brahma realized that the Earth might be destroyed in the process, he attempted to withdraw the destructive force into himself. “Yet when he did so, from the doors of the six senses of Brahma came a woman of red eyes and dark-tanned skin,” named Death. She smiled at them and was about to depart when Brahma ordered her to “Kill all creatures including idiots and priests.” This greatly upset Death and she burst into tears. Brahma pleaded with her, but Death avoided him and refused to do his bidding. He solved the dilemma by promising Death that she would not have to kill the creatures of the earth, instead they would come to her. Brahma declared, “I will make greed and anger and malice and shame and jealousy and passion.” And since they will kill themselves with “disease and war,” “only the foolish will weep over what none can avoid” (Buck 318-20).

The first mortal to meet his fate with Death was named Yama. This dubious honor makes him uniquely qualified to lead the way for others after death. The sacred scriptures of the Rig Veda, which call him King Yama, promise that all who have been good will receive “admission to Yama’s paradise and the everlasting enjoyment of all the heavenly pleasures, include the restoration of a sick body, the maintaining of family relations and the highly desired apotheosis” Yama is aided by two killer guide dogs that are described as the “four-eyed keepers of the path, who watch over men.” These “two dark messengers of Yama with flaring nostrils wander among men, thirsting for the breath of life” (Doniger O’Flaherty, The Rig Veda: An Anthology: One Hundred and Eight Hymns 44). Yet, once they have secured their prey, they lead them back to their heavenly realm, where Yama directs them to their destiny”.

Its all about the myths of lIfe and Death as per our ancient books”

As per indian mythology 

A soul leaves its body as we change costume after death,and enter in to anothe body in the universe(Commonly known as ghata/Yoni).A human body made out of 5 basic ingredientds known as elements of nature(in sanskrit known as PanchVuta).A body demises to its basic ingredients as soon as it to make this process easier indians burn their bodies.This ritual is only zeroed on in Indian culture.

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Ancient Indians Used to believe thsat the journey of after life is some how authentic and auspicious.So after the death of a person they used to celebrate 11 days as a tribute to that person.

1.They dnt cut nails n hairs during these days

2.Eat only boiled foods

3.sleep on doormats

4.sit on ground and eat

5.Other comunity dont touch them during these days.

6.After the 11th day they perform certain Rituals in midnight in a belif that the spirit will leave them n the house for ever n will go on its afterlife journey.

I have lost my family members(My grand parents,my uncles) and have seen all these rituals close enough.What i realise that its not totally a bliend belief except some.Yes there exist a after life but its way far different than we picturize in our sacred hollybooks.The life after death is way more subtle.We Die we get detached we again born.The soul leaves the body and left for a subtle world and agin get in to a body after that.

Indians believe that if we do good we became human,if bad then get birth in animal yonis.But i strongly deny.

What i believe is Life after death is some how Subtle,When we die our soul leaves the materialistic body behind and goes up to the subtle world(AKA Incorporial world).Where it stays and again return back to become a human.We all have learned since our child days that if we do good we become human else go to infeasible Yonis.But i deny that,Reason is can a mango tree give rise to jackfruit in its long way? Answer will be a big “NO” till the eternity.Like that a human becomes a human only.Yet some facts hold true.

Human life is most precious gift,so just Do Good thinghs.

                                           “BEACUSE YOU LIVE ONLY ONCE”



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  1. Except a few grammatical mistakes and a little gap in coherence of ideas your effort to unfold the great mystery is really impeccable.


  2. Very interesting and informative. The Afterlife is unknown and unknowable but I don’t know of any religion that does not believe in some form of the afterlife. Even Graves that date to 50 thousand years in the past demonstrate that even that long ago some form of afterlife was the belief of these most ancient of our ancestors

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Quiet interesting. .
    In simple its just about lf aftr death..I believe death z d only way to b detached frm materialic n death r jst a natural process..It z well said that watevr a persn do on ds earth(it may b bad or gud) has to pay it be4 death..den d journey aftr death mst b peace fr all…is it???

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not Exactly.
      Look we have to Pay for our Deeds.
      If our karma is been resolved then ok we can have further peaceful life else have to pay for it in next birth.
      Eg.Small infants r Angelic n like god(As we believe)…then how come they are affected by disease or Physical disabling.
      Its due to their karma in previous birth.
      Krishna said in Vagwat geeta we follow our destiny till 10births.


  4. Simply awesome…. And after death human being ll b again a human being . the reason of urs to clarify it I m not satisfied I think.. Bcz now a days it is possible dt we get different fruit from different trees per our science..
    But Such a nice article u wrote I appreciate your efforts the most…n hats up yar… Superb.. Keep writing

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Very interesting to read a different cultures beliefs on life and life after death,very well written,interesting and informative, also adding your own beliefs made it a lot more personal, great piece.👍👍👍👍👍

    Liked by 1 person

  6. No one z urs , nothing z urs.. still we r being connected to each others like a chain..with humanity..just stay conscious with ur own duties (Karma).. n then Karma decides d rest… very nice article👌👌

    Liked by 1 person

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