A hope is a human perception that built in or burn down the self confidence.
Hope coverts fear to belief.
Lemme tell you a short story.

Once upon a time there lived a sage.
D sage was very pious n had enriched with magical powers viz. Walking through water,gulping fire etc.
He had some great disciple.
One of’em was very fav. Of the sage before dying he taught that disciple d power of walking on water n died.
After some years later once the desciple had to pay a visit to d river bank…n he saw an amazing thing.
A fisherman could walk on the water.
He was amazed as he thought he was d only one who learnt.
He walked to the man n enquired all about it.
What he got to know was d thrill.
The fisherman heard d sage secretly n believed in his words so he could do it BT d disciple couldn’t coz he didn’t believe him.

So if u want it
Then will it
If ull will it it will b urs


Published by: 3bikram

A techno Buff yet Lover of Nature. Being an engineering student more Inclined towards Human Behavior & Emotions. Strong Seeker of Truth. Contact me at -

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      1. Shut up.. remember there r words do exist like self approval.. remember so 1st appreciate ur self.. n wt’s wrong with dat blog.. it’s really nice.. 😇👌

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