Choices that we make


Human Life Is Considered To Be One Of The Psychologically Sound Species On The Planet Earth. Though Some Other Animals Do Possesses Bigger Brain Than That Of Human Yet They Are Not Sound By Means Of Psychological Ground. Human Life Is Distinguished From Other Animals As We Do Have The Decision Making Capability, Sanity To Show, Agony To Feel And Love To Share. It Is Not A Big Deal To Live A Life Every One Does So. As Human We Gotta Look A Step Ahead. What I Mean Is To Have A Positive Purpose For Living And A Life Full Of Positivity To Endure Till The Last. Today I Am Gonna Narrate A Few Words About The Choices, Chance And Emotions We Do Have In Our Life.

I Am A 20 years Old Boy. I Am Not Well Known To The Outer World That Much As I Have Not Been Exposed Yet. I Am Not That Matured And Grown Up To Feel All Kind Of Emotions Of Human Life. But To Be Honest I Have Observed The Human Life Around Me. I Have Observed The Emotions That Is Attached With Each Entity In This Universe. Since Our Childhood We Have Been Taught That Life Is All About A Chance. But I Personally Believe Life Is All About Another Chance. I Will Come To This Part Later.

Lets Start With Emotions. I Am Not A Psychologists But In Common Man Term I Know What Is Emotion Means. Emotion Is Nothing Rather Than The Feelings That Arises Within Us At The Very Moment To Express Our State Of Mind Along With The Mood We Are Having Then. Emotions Play A Significant Role In Human Life, It Shows Around How Sensible You Are Or Insane You Are. Emotions Arise Because Of The Things Done To Us Or Done By Us. “If Some Is Good To Me I Will Have Good Feelings For Him. And I Will Feel Happy When I Am Around That Is Positive Emotion. If Some One Hurt Me, My Feelings Towards The Individual Will Change Leading To A Negative Emotion Attached To It”. In Other Words You Can Say Emotions Are The Devour Of KARMA. Our Karma Defines Our Emotions. Karma Is Positive Outcome Is Positive Emotion And Reverse Is Also True. We Use The Word Emotional When We See Some One Deep Down In Agony Or Drowned In Sorrow Till Neck. But Let Me Tell You It Is Not. Emotional State Is Summation Of All Kind Of Emotions(Anger, Love, Lust, Pain, Jealousy Etc). The Things We Do And The Out Come Is Known As KARMA. The KARMA Depends Upon The Choices That We Make In Real Life.

Every Individual Wants To Live Their Life Independently Hence Making Certain Choices To Honor Them. As The Choices Are The Source Code Of Karma It Is Need Not To Be Right Or Wrong More Precisely. And I Think It Doesn’t Even Matter. At The End Of The Day All That Matters Is The Choices We Made And The Karma We Did.

God Bless Us Everyone Then Why Some People Living Their Life Just Like A Broken One? The Reason Is The Karma They Do By Making The Choices.  Imagine Out Of Infinity Possibilities We Choose These. Is Not That Fascinating? Of Course It Is. Some People Live Their Life Happily Because They Honour Their Choices They Made And Some Don’t . Now At This Particular Context I Like First Kind Reason Is Because They Know What They Did Is For Them. They Know What They Choose To Do Is Also For Them. They Took It Granted At That Time Hence Excelling In Their Life.

I Remember A Song By ADAM LEVINE Named YOLO(You Only Live Once). I Really Find That Interesting . I Agree YOLO But Trust Me If You Do Good And Feel Good Once Is Enough. We Know Life Is All About A Chance As I Said Earlier But Now I Will Show How Life Is All About Another Chance. Just Think You Made A Choice And Its Wrong Does You End Up With Your Life? Well Ans Is Yes/No. We All Might Have Seen The Famous Movie ABCD 2. The Famous Quote From That Movie Is “Life Is All About Second Chance”. Well I Believe So. You Initially Made A Choice  The Choice And None Better can make it.

Do choose the best for you……Knows How And What Is Better For You. So Make Choices Whether Its Good Or Bad. Honour It And Live Up Till Your Expectations.

“Life Struck Us Down Some Times, Its Up To Us Whether We Want To Back Upon Our Feet Or Not”

So Life Is All About Another Chance.


12 thoughts on “Choices that we make”

  1. Is like to say that what the author told is very true and it touched my heart to see how well he understands our lives and puts that motivation in us….by encouraging us in making our lives right choices. :

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  2. Really ur narration is superb. . bcz with this small writing u explain all the feelings n reality happening with us.. And I ll choose best 1 for me .. Ny ways I like it…

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