HIMYM-Life Lessons

“HIMYM” Is An American Tv Series Of Late 90s.


This Is An Epic Tv Series As In Reference For Those Who Might Not Have Watched It.The Story Revolves Round 5 Friends Namely TED MOSBY,MARSHAL ERICKSON, LILY ALDRIN, ROBIN SCHERBETSKY & Mr. Awesome BARNEY STINSON. Ted Being An Architect Has Deeper Understanding And Philosophical Approach To Life. Marshal Being An Environmental Lawyer Has A Sensible Heart For His Family & Friends. Robin Is An Immigrant From Canada Is A News Reporter & A World Traveller Last But Not The Least Barney Being A Badass Playboy In The Streets Of New york Is A Master Of Awesomeness. Ted Tells His Story To His Kids That “HOW HE MET THEIR MOTHER”.


It May Sounds Like Lame Love Story But It Made Some Deeper Impact In Me And Also Has Some Real Life Lessons Worth Sharing. So I Thought To Pen Down Few Of What Touched Me.

1.Life Is Crazy Hell Of A Ride


Life Is Complicated…..Bit Rough…..Bit Harsh, Right?

I Guess So, And To Be Honest I Believe That This Is What Makes Our Life More Real & Living. We Face Hiccups . We Fall Apart In Sorrows But We Never Give Upon Living. Here Ted Says That You Have To Be Optimistic. Because You Never Know When You Open Your Eyes In The Morning & You See A Complete Stranger Who Means The World To You In No Time.

2.Believe In Destiny


Ted Always Talks And Gives Lectures About Destiny. He He Wanted Something & Is Destined To Meet Him. How He Is Destined To Do This Get That Just Cause He Wanted & The List Goes On And On. But Lately He Realizes That Its Just A Mere Illusion. What Ever Is Destined Already That Will Happen Eventually Whether You Want That Or Not.

3.The Theory Of Welcoming End


Teds Believe System Is Somehow Extraordinary & Realistic. He Thinks Too Much & Dive Too Deep. He Realizes That Sometimes The Great Moments May Not Emerge From The Things That You Do It May Be A Reason Of Things That Happened To You. The Universe & Destiny Constantly Working To Build The Best Kingdom For You To Rule.

4.You Know What You Want

ted-mosby-quotes-13 how-i-met-your-mother-something-old

These Five Friends Has A Weird System Of Taking Tough Decisions Or Settling Down For Any Issue. They Always Seek Resents From Universe Whether It Be Marshals Job Switch Case Or Their Parenting. But Sooner They Realize They Already Know Deep Down That What They Want. Its Not What Universe Want Them To See Its What They Want To See All Along.

5.Bro Code

031d376e4ddd4488c419494d51193456 1047240571-barney-himym-how-i-met-your-mother-neil-patrick-harris-favim_com-1286112

The Most Noticeable Thing About These 5 Are Their Friendship & Their Resentment For Each other. They Call It Brotherhood AKA BROCODE. They Share Every Minute Details Of Their Life Be It Keith Or Kin. They Help Each Other Party Hard Together & Also Got Each Others Back. Hence Proving How Awesome Life Can Be When You Have Awesome Friends.

6.Days Of Future Past


Ted Having An Anxiety To Run Back His Ex Girlfriends When He Feel Vulnerable Or Nostalgia. When They Ask To Grab A Cup Of Coffee Or Something. But As He Approaches In Life He Realizes That Its Not A Smart Move To Run To Past Being Afraid Of Future Just Because It Seems Familiar. It’s A Mistake. Its Like Looking Yourself In Mirror You Cnt Be There.

7.Everyone Has A Robin


We Meet People In Life. Some Just Crossed Our Paths For A While And Some Just Ride Along. Its Like You Ran In To Someone Special In A Train And Before You Even Start A Conversation You Realise They De boarded Early Than You Realised. Suddenly All Your Thought Process Crumble. You Go On Your Journey Thinking That You Will Enjoy  But You Know Deep Down It Is Not Going To Be The Same Ever Again. Even If It Would It Wont Be Same As With That Special One. That Sucks Right.


A thought  came alive,but away it Hid
It stole a glance,from under the eyelids
Sometimes from you, sometimes from me
I asked for words to set it free
Words to wear,so from the lips it can flee
A voice it can embrace and sway with glee
But this thought is a Feeling…..just a mere feeling
Its like a fragrance floating in the breeze
A fragrance which has no words to be expressed

The fragrance of the wilder essence
But you live with it yet unknown
And i am aware of it yet unknown
Its out in the open for world to see
I doubt n wonder it is what kind of mystery?


Published by: 3bikram

A techno Buff yet Lover of Nature. Being an engineering student more Inclined towards Human Behavior & Emotions. Strong Seeker of Truth. Contact me at - tribikrammishra00@gmail.com

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