Life Is Tough….Be Tougher

If You’re Having One Of Those Dark Days

It’s Okay

It’s Okay, To Feel That Darkness


If You’re Going Through A Divorce Right Now

If You’re Going Through A Financial Problem Right Now

If You Are Going Through Any Sort Of Crisis Right Now…RELAX

I Know You Might Be

You Might Not Be Get Out Of Bed In The Morning

You Might Be That Bad……..You Might Be Broken

But Please Remember

“Crisis Comes To Serve Those Person

Who Are Willing To Use It As Fuel”         



You Can Be A Victim Or You Can Ask Yourself

How Can I Use This Time……This Darkness?

Which Is Apparently Not Going To Last, Because You Know This Dark Times Never Lasts,

The Real Question Is

How Can I Leverage The Pain?

How Can I Leverage The Darkness?

How Can I Leverage The Heart Break? So That It Will Grow Me.

So That It Will Make Me Stronger

So That It Will Make Me A Believer…Wiser.

“Use Your Pain As An Instrument Of Your Greatest Growth”       Robin Sharma



 And If You Got In Your Mind That You Think That People Don’t Understand

That’s Okay

They Don’t…….But You Do.

You Know Darkness…..You Know Evil

But More Important Than That You Know Good…..You Know Light

And You Know Survival Better Than Anyone

“I Remember The Past,& I Learn From It

I Rejoice& Celebrate the Present….Most importantly I re imagine the Future.    

Deepak chopra

If You Are Victimized By Your Thoughts. You Are Victimized By Your Past”

The First Thing Is To Recognize What Is Happening Is Not A Punishment. That Is Actually An Opportunity.

What Most People Do Is They Pretend It Is Not There, They Pretend As If It Doesn’t Even Exist. Or Do Or Try To Do Something To Avoid Feeling It.

 “Then In Those Moments Then, When You Can Actually Just Breath & Accept It

5years From Now Or 10 Years From Now When You Look Back On It

You Will See It As A Pivotal Moment Of Your Development”  


So Embrace……Embrace Your Darkness


Own It…..Don’t Look Away From It.

Don’t Bury It In Booze Or In Pills.

Live Your Life……In Bold

Embrace Your Life…With Physical Activity…With Nature…With Kung Fu…With Sun…With Night Sky….With Good Memories…..With Creativity

And More Importantly Discipline.

Discipline Yourself……So You Can Free Your Self.

And Move Forward, In To The Future.

“Because You Know As You Are Going Through  Tough Times Right Now

I Promise You, I Assure You The Clouds Will Lift

Right Now There Is Sunlight Above The Clouds & You Are Looking At Clouds Now

And They Will Lift & Crisis Has Come To Teach You The Big Lesson You’re Meant To To Learn To Move Forward To The Next Level….To The Next Chapter Of Your Greatest Life”  

Robin Sharma

What You Are Experiencing Doesn’t Feel Good But It Is Good.

Remember  You Are Build To Shine. Great Things Are Coming Your Way.

You Are Not An Average & The Darkness Will Pass.


There Will Be Dawn & It Will Be Your Time To Fly

In Life You Will Ride Across Disappointment….You Sure Will.

You Will Run Across Things That Happen In Your Life That Are So Wrong But Have A Little Same In The End.

“In The End Everything Will Be Okay 7 If Its Not Okay

It Cannot Be The End”   

John Paul Dejoria

It Might Be A Stormy Night……..But It Wont Rain Forever.

You Are Stronger Than What You Are Facing Right Now.

There will be time life will Scream “You Cannot stand a storm”. And there will be time when you will smile and whisper in its ear“I am the Storm”

Thank you for your patience.


Robin Sharma    John Paul Dejoria    Deepak Chopra    

                 Jocka willink  &  Panche Desai







8 thoughts on “Life Is Tough….Be Tougher”

  1. Inspirational, encouraging…nice shot! U hit me like a professional archer😝
    Btw, leverage, evil, darkness…reminds me of “SUPERNATURAL” 😁😁😁


  2. This posting is an excellent follow up to the Life is a Journey post. I am fortunate to have lived now for over 63 years and I have had bad times and troubles and good times and joy in those years. The one thing I have learned is that all troubles are only temporary and all the bad times have given me important lessons that do last even after the bad times have left. I like to remember that life is about learning to dance in the storm, to wait until it passes and to remember the sun does shine again and the world remains whole. “I’m stronger because of my hard times, wiser because of my mistakes, and happier because of my sad experiences.” I don’t know who said this, but he or she was a very wise person.

    Liked by 1 person

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