Universe Knows What You Want

Life Is A Journey

It Can Only Be Understood By Backwards, But Must Be Lived Forward Just Like Connecting The Dots.

There Is A Time To Laugh A Time To Cry

A Time To Dance A Time To Hide.

A Time To Seek& A Time To Loose.

A Time For Pleasure & A Time For Pain.


A Time To Born & A Time To Die.


At Times Life Doesn’t Make Any Sense.

It Seems Cruel, Unfair & Meaningless Perhaps A Mistake.

May Be Reality Is An Illusion.

Because What We Believe Determines What Is Real & What Is Not.

Things Ain’t Necessarily What They Seems.

The Way You Look At It, The Way You Describe It So That The Way Of Describing Always Varies. According To The Use You Want To Make For It. In The Sense Then You Can Understand The Saying In The Beginning Was The Word.

“All The Things Are Made By Him & Without Him Nothing Was Made What Is Made. Without Him Nothing Ever Existed Or Ever Will Be.”

Because You Don’t Get Things Until You Start Naming Them.

So What We Have Got Is A Universe That Hangs Together. Where Each So Called Parts Implies To The Other Part Of This. This Take What We Call Holography.

The Real Trouble Is That The Thought “We Have To Know”.

We Think We Have To Understand.

“To Realize You Don’t Understand Is A Virtue

But To Not Realize We Don’t Understand Is A Defect” ~Lao Tzu

Sometimes You Just Have To Let Go.

You Don’t Have To Know The Destination.

The Universe Knows Exactly What It Is Doing.

“In His Heart Man Plans His Journey

But In The End He Realizes

That The Universe Has Determined

What Is Best For Him Already” ~Proverb

And Always Remember Without You The Universe Won’t Be Whole Again.

So Laugh Through The Confusion & Smile Through The Tears And Let The Universe Take Care Of Everything Else.


Because There Is  Always A Reason  In The End.

Thank you



13 thoughts on “Universe Knows What You Want”

  1. Excellent way to express various aspects of living a life. In reality no body wants to live rather pretend to be. Life is preciosus and valuable resource like time ..happiness..are limited. What happens actually in order to search imaginary happiness we always try to spoil existing pal…never try to enjoy what we have with us..
    Life is uncertain..so try to live by saying hello to “Dear Jindegi”
    Excellent…just keep it up..

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  2. Sometimes we need a reason to smile and sometimes a smile create a reason… The only similarity for both the case is you will not get the conclusion until you spit out your smile… 🙂

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  3. Im halfway of my jouney, dunno if i go with the flow or counter flow lol..
    Well, as uve said, there’s a reason at the end..😉
    Again another mind blowing blog!

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  4. You opened these thoughts with one of my favourite passages in the Christian and Jewish Old Testament. “To everything there is a season – A time to cry and a time to laugh, a time to be born and a time to die, etc.” These are great words of wisdom because you are correct that sometimes we just have to let go and realize that even though we might not know the destination, the journey itself is important and have trust that the Universe knows what it is doing. The Universe has existed for billions of years, it will exist for billions more and we are just a part of it for a mere 70 or 80 years so take the time to sing and dance. Cry when you have to and laugh through the confusion and smile through the tears. Your thoughts are amazing! Thank you again for posting.

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