Relusion(Reality & Illusion)

“The Simple Things Are Quite Extraordinary

And Only The Wise Can See Them In Real”  ~Paul Coelho

There’s A Vivid, Beautiful, Priceless Piece Of Art Hanging Right In Front Of You.  It’s Sophisticated And Detailed – A Painstaking Labor Of Deep Devotion And Love.  The Colours And Textures Are Like No Other – They Soar And Dip, They Shine Bright And Leap Right Out At You!  And Yet You Choose To Fixate Your Eyes On The Tiny, Dark Housefly That Has Landed On The Edge This Masterpiece.  Why Would You Choose To Do Such A Thing?

I Have Met Many People In Life. I Have Met Especially A Kind Of People Who Love Too Hard Their Life And Dive Too Deep In To.

“Tell Your Heart That Fear Of Suffering Is Far Worse And Scary Than Suffering Itself. And That No Heart Has Ever Suffered When It Goes In Search Of Its Dreams, Because Every Second The Search Is A Second’s Encounter With God’s Divinity & Eternity. When You Find Your Path You Mustn’t Be Afraid In Heart. You Need To Have Sufficient Courage To Make Mistakes. Disappointments, Defeat & Despair Are The Tools God Uses To Show Us The Way Of Illumination”

Further “Everybody Is Living In This World; Tell Me How Many Of Them Are Alive In True Sense?” I Was Stuck With Words To Utter.

Until & Unless You Don’t Have Passion You Can Never Reach For A Goal In You Life. And A Life Without Goal Is Exactly The Same As That Of A Boat Sailing Towards Horizon.

Be Passionate

Passion Makes A Person Stop Eating, Sleeping, Working & Feeling At Peace. A Lot Of People Are Frightened Because When It Appears, It Demolishes All The Old Things It Finds In Its Path. None Wants To Have A Chaotic Life. That’s Why People Keep This Passion Stuff At Bay & Under Control. These People Are The Engineers Of Superseded Reality.

There Exist Another Kind Who Spend Their Whole Life Chasing This Passion. They Found Eternal Bliss In This Ignorance. They Find Euphoria In It. They Find Their Whole Universe Colliding Within. So What Do You Think Keeping The Passion At Bay Or Chasing For It Through Every Odds Whichever Is Least Destructive?” I Was Literally Dumbstruck.

Be Yourself

“Now A Days People Don’t Like Themselves As Much They Like Others.” I Joined With The Tone Absolutely.

“ I Know You Are Born To Be Somebody, But Why That Somebody Cannot Be You. Why It Has To Be Somebody Else. You Think Being Somebody Else Will Get You Rid Of Your Confusion, Desperation, and Frustration? Why


Be Confused Being Yourself, It’s Where You Learn To New Things. If Being You Is Broken, Then Be Broken, It’s Where You Learn To Heal Yourself. If Being You Is Frustration Then Be Frustrated. Its Where You Learn To Make Authentic Decisions. Be Sad, It’s Where You Learn To Be Brave. No More Hiding. You Are Worthy Of Your Self. You Always Were.

A Taste Of Your Own Medicine

It’s One Of Life’s Greatest Frustrations.

You Know, Deep Down, You’re Capable Of So Much More. You Feel This Wellspring Of Potential Inside Of You, Burning To Get Out, Yet You Can’t Figure Out How To Tap Into It.


At Certain Moments People Deceives You, Abuse You, Treat You Bad And Hurt You. They Give You The Taste Of Their Own Medicine. Well You Don’t Give Them The Taste Of Their Own Medicine. They Know How It Tastes Like. Give Them A Kind Of Yours. If They Lie To You Let Your Medicine Be Honesty. If They Played You Let Your Medicine Be Maturity. If They Broke You Let Your Medicine Be Heal. If They Made You Cry Let Your Medicine Be Smile. Always Remember Its Better To Art People Value You For Who You Are Not Who You Pretend To Be. Because Who You Are Lasts Forever But Who You Pretend To Be Changes Like Seasons Every Once In A While.

Love Is Fragile Unless Nurtured

You Can Never Change Things By Holding On To The Existing Reality.  To Get Ahead In Life, You Have To Leave Some Things Behind And Build A New Model For Living That Makes The Existing Model Obsolete.


I Hope You Find Someone Who Smiles At You Every Time You Walk In The Door, I Hope You Find Someone Who Finds Beauty In Your Scars. I Hope You Find Someone Who Never Leaves You Guessing. I Hope You Find Someone Who Knows How Special You Are. But Before You Are Ready For This Kind Of Love Make Sure You Find These Beforehand In Yourself.

Then I Realized Everyone Is Not Brave Enough To Enter Your Storm. Everyone Is Not Sober Enough To Respect The Size Of Your Waves. I Hope You Can Find Who Can Relish The Calm In Your Very Existence. Who Is Eager To Sail On The Expanse On Your Mind. Because Now They Have You In Their Very Blood And They Realize You Are The Only Sea Worth Exploring. Hope you w.ill find Your robin someday









Words Unspoken

I drift in and out of people’s lives
Like a feather feels helpless in breeze.
You will never really know i was there
Until i start to leave
I am always afraid b of making connections deep
Because its absolute fear of what i will loose
I never compete with anybody else
And it won’t be a trouble and i won’t make you choose.
I prefer to stick to the side lines
So i can escape away of the picture when I have to leave
I prefer to stay in Umbra of the shadows
Because spot light hurts my eyes.
I believe to have a constant smile on my face.
So none will never know its disguise.
People tend to forget i am there.
All i got left is a piece of past in some picture upon the wall.
I prefer not to cut the loose ends of mine.
They give me strength to cover my sorrows and walk past me.
My shadows may lost its identity.
But my words will have its vicinity
When i am in a crowded room
I prefer to disappear further till end
And i am bound to do it soon.
Don’t worry if you Notice i am gone.
I am a traveler,i was never destined to stay.
But i know i won’t be missed much Long.
I will be forgotten by this world in a day.

Thank You for reading.

Drop Down your Views.





18 thoughts on “Relusion(Reality & Illusion)”

  1. Another excellent reflection on both the ups and downs of life and each of us can make our own lives better. On Passion I am reminded of something the great composer, Ludwig von Beethoven said – “To play a wrong note is insignificant. To play without PASSION is inexcusable.” On Being Ourselves I am reminded of some words that were said in a television show I was watching last night – “Being like everybody – isn’t that the same as being nobody?” And finally, thinking of a taste of your own medicine, I am reminded of a quote from the great Mahatma Gandhi, who said “Whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love.” Thank you again for posting your most excellent thoughts and reflections. They are always interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

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