Life, Love & Hiccups

                         “People Never Learn Anything By Told

                          They Have To Find Out For Themselves”

                                                                ~Paul Coelho(The Alchemist)

If Pain Must Come, May It Come Quickly. Because I Have A Life To Live, And I Need To Live It In The Best Way Possible. Human Life Is Most Conspirator Part Of This Universe.

In The Midest Of My Feelings & Emotions I Now Realize That There Are Certain Lessons People Learn The Hardway. Sometimes These Ways May Leave There Heart & Mind Wide Open. It Is Virtually Impossible In Another Person About Certain Feelings Of Others Unless It Happens To Them In Real Life. There Are Few Life Lessons I Have Learned So Far.


1c902a4f7b35e6b6c41e852024c033beSometimes Reality Becomes Hard To Face. The Silence Becomes Deafening. The Words Becomes Ineffable. There Comes A Time You Really Learn The Loss Of Loosing People In Your Life. Days Turns To Nights And Life Starts Keep On Rolling But In Deep Inside You Know That Life Won’t Be The Same Now On. These Losses Never Leaves Your Heart In One Peace. These Losses Leave Scars In Your Heart That You Carry Forever. It’s Like Breaking An Elbow Which Never Joined Properly And Still Hurts When You Dance, Jump And Run. But You Never Stop Doing That, You Accomplish It Somehow By Little Imperfections. And These Imperfections Add Value To Your Character.


blog-pursuit-of-happinessPursuing Happiness Is Not Same As Being Happy. Being Happy Is A Momentary Feeling Of Circumstances. If The Sun Is Shining Then Bask It Anyway. When We Are  Happy We Try To Grasp The Moments Forever., But It Runs Through Your Hand. Because Time Is It What It Does.

There Will Be Times When Things Will Go Wrong. So Wrong That You Barely Feel Alive. Then You Realize Barely Being Alive On Your Terms Is Far Better Than Being Dead On Others Terms For Rest Of Your Life. And You Conclude That Pursuit Is Not About All Or Nothing, Its About All And Nothing.


99f55736e8a6319351153ce2483a62eaWhen We Dive In To Our Fear, We Have A Harder Time To Look Ourselves Ion The Mirror. If You Have Experienced It Once Or Twice In Life Then You Know What I Mean. I Can Bet How Scary It Feels Like. But To Some Fears We Must Ask Is It Worth To Live A Life Without Taking Any Risk?

If You’ve Never Lost Your Mind And Followed Your Heart, There May Comes Time When You Will Regret It.  I Believe Its Better To Look Back And Say “I Cnt Believe I Did That” Than Saying “I Wish I Could Have Done That”. Don’t Let Time Pass You By Like A Waving Hand From A Train You Were Desperately Wanted To Be On. So Take Risk, Love Your Passion, Enjoy Every Breath You Take.


steve_jobsThe Fear Of Rejection Held You Back? Right

I Know You Are Nodding Your Head With A Yes.

We Never Feel Tired Of Trying We Are Afraid Of Rejections. Well Must Say Never Crave For Others Approval In Your Life . Live Your Life Don’t Be A Waste Ever. The Only Person You Must Try To Be Better Today Is The Person You Were Yesterday. Prove Yourself To Yourself Not Others. You Don’t Need Peoples Validation To Value Yourself.


not_everything_will_go_as_you_expect_in_your_lifeWhen You Stop Predicting And Expecting Life In A Certain Way, You Can Appreciate Them For What They Are. And You Literally Realize That Life’s Gifts Are Rarely Wrapped In The Way You Wanted Them To Be.

Ninety Nine Percent Of Time Life Delivers The Experience That Are Most Helpful For Our Personal Growth. The Key, Of Course, Is To Accept That Not Everything Is Meant To Be.  When Things Don’t Turn Out How You Expected, You Have To Seriously Sit Down With Yourself And Come To Grips With The Fact That You Were Wrong About It All Along.  It Was Just An Illusion That Never Really Was What You Thought It Was

The Only Question Is:  Will You Embrace It And Grow, Or Fight It And Fade?


Gandhi Once Said, “Live As If You Were To Die Tomorrow.  Learn As If You Were To Live Forever.”  I Love This Quote.  There’s No Doubt That Every Day Is A Gift, And The Gift Is An Opportunity To Live, To Learn, And To Grow.

Be A Student Of Life.  Indulge In It And Absorb All The Knowledge You Can, While You Can.  You May Have To Loose Some Things To Gain Some Things, And You May Have To Learn Some Things The Hard Way.  That’s Ok.  All Experiences Are Necessary.  The Purpose Of Your Life Is To Live It In Full, To Partake In It To The Utmost, To Reach Out With An Open Mind And An Honest Heart For The Newest And Richest Experience Being Offered.

Thank You For Your Patience.

Let me know what you think about this. God Bless Us All


23 thoughts on “Life, Love & Hiccups”

  1. Excellent thoughts and 100 percent true! Excellent attitude and words about life lessons. In life, we don’t know what will happen to us tomorrow. Some things will happen that are good and some things will happen that are bad but everything, good and bad, teaches us something new about ourselves and others. The only sad thing is when people don’t learn something from the lessons of life. Happiness and joy might be only temporary, but what is most important is to find peace and contentment in all that happens. Life can be difficult but it becomes even more difficult when we do not learn something from each moment that passes. I too have a quote that I love – “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to DANCE in the rain.”

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  2. Everyday is a beautiful life that God wants us to enjoy.Pain and happiness is part of it.We lose or win its in us how to face it.Positivity in facing all chaos in life makes us more stronger and keep a strong faith in Him.
    Good job! Tri…keep it up

    Liked by 1 person

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