Power Of Positivity


Alarm Blared!!!

With half eye open i checked the clock, it was 6.00am in the Morning. Unwontedly I had to wake up and so did I, as it was in vain to think of it.
After going through my usual habits i found myself bit irritated and upset. I started analyzing “I just woke up ,No mess up with anyone and I am not sick either”; Then how i can be so irritated just after opening my eyes?
Then I recalled while Going to sleep last night i saw few memories of mine which were of course not one of my good days for Sure.
Do Here the Question arises.
Q: Did i choose to be upset in morning?
: Though not, but i was responsible.
Q: Could i have avoided?
A : Definitely yes
Q:  If Yes, then How?
A: By the power of Positivity.

One of the simplest way to avoid stressed, unhappy and deceiving life is to be positive . It is the way out of that abyss indeed.
We are Living in the 21st century and still fighting for peace, happiness, stress free life. But our past events, failure relationship and some weird memories don’t let us live life easily. They just haunt us down every moment we try to uplift it. Like they say every Lock is build with a key like wise these locks can be unlocked by the key called “POSITIVITY”.


Human life has become so pathetic and disgraced that everyday some mishap is taking place hence adding bad memories in our store. These memories have certainly turned in to screen savers. Like when we don’t use our computer the screen saver pops up. Likewise when we sit idle these memories plays as screen savers and ruining the mood, peace, happiness altogether afterwards. And eventually turns Human a wreckage of bad memories at Emotional level.

So you must be wondering how to live a positive life?

Lemme explain it through certain simple methods.
Here is the flow chart of our life and Action



None in this world will ever want to live a life of stress, helplessness, hopelessness and Deceived. We all want Hassle free life. The only thing that holds us back is our course of action. As per science our action is a spontaneous process but in human behaviour level it is preceded by “INTENTION” & “THOUGHTS”. So in order to have a positive life we have to control our Intentions first. In this Article i will cover this part only.
So here are few tips how to have a crystal clear positive attitude and intentions.

♦Never Judge any one.
♦ Because the saint had a past and the sinner has a future to decide.
Think before you think
♦ Every thought has its consequences, so better beware of what you are thinking about. As it will affect your whole world.
Rule 3
♦ Technically the Glass is always full
♦ Unlike our childhood stories, always have a positive attitude to accept things as it is.
Manage your thought as they have both good and bad in it.
Rule 4
♦ Be empathetic, Convicted and self-esteem.
♦ Unless and otherwise you have faith and believe in yourself truly you can’t think positively.
Rule 5
♦ Always start and end the day with positive thought.
♦ As the end of the day all you must care about your thoughts and its consequences.
Rule 6
Appreciate the good things and bad things at the same time.
♦ Good things will give you pleasure and memory and bad will give you experience and strength to come over.
Rule 7
♦ Meditate Everyday
♦ Meditation helps you controlling the flow of energy through your body. Meditation helps you improving concentration and clear perception.
Rule 8
Make use of the glittering Gold
♦ Always follow the good in people and ignore the bad in them. Because intellectual persons try to change themselves where as stupid ones try to change others.
Rule 9
♦ Conquer your Ego, Jealous, Anger, Hate and such flaws.
♦ These are the flaws that holds you back from being stable at psychic level.Let go of them
Rule 10
Last but not the least always feel blessed and contained with what you have.
♦ Respect it and accept it. Channel your energy to build a better brand new future rather wasting on refurbished past.
Lastly must say Let go of past events that torments your mood and integrity.
“yesterday’s over its a different day”
Travel to good place, read books, hangout with friends live life happily and Be Positive.
“Life is no Nintendo Game, You won’t get another chance”
(To be continued…..)


31 thoughts on “Power Of Positivity”

  1. Yup.. Its rit… We have to think positive so can go forward n keep smiling every day….. N d above said z rit…. Nice post…


  2. Very impressive…..
    But on a funny note I wanna say that before positive thinking , we need to think first as thinking enhance our hidden abilities….

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I guess my life’s tag line belongs to this…. hopefully its gonna work for me so do you… cheer up man…. we are nearly 22 now…. still 3times of life is ahead of us… oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhh

    Liked by 1 person

  4. awesome rules….. dear.The reason of happiness is a smiling heart.we should maintain a balanced life between sorrows and happiness…. so be positive and avoid negative sources around us… thanks a lot…..

    Liked by 1 person

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  6. The way you articulate things, I fall for your words more and more. I shouln’t say that I appreciate your way of doing so, because it will be some kind of ungraciousness towards you. I bow down you brother.


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