The Flow Rider

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”


People say it’s not easy to survive everyday,but i feel everyday doesn’t worth to die hard. Sometimes at point life seems deceiving. You literally bend on your knees just to give up everything and quit. You realize you have been Loved,Lived,Trusted,Betrayal, Tested and Twisted as well. Is it worth it? Is it worth the cost you paid?

Well i myself often find myself in the cross roads of life on certain things. I literally feel like giving up nt to try further just let it be. I find myself in the conflict whether to go ahead or to try until its done. I hope its common to everyone at times. I feel like why its me facing all these? Why god is doing all these with me?
Well to be honest i found the answer to my question with a small story narrated somewhere.
It goes like this a conversation between a child and god.

Child: Dear God,You are the creator of this whole Universe right?
God : Yes my Son.
Child : You are the One who decides the destiny of everyone right.
God : Apparently but not fully.
Child : I am your son and you are my Father right?
God : Yes,you are.
Child : Then why don’t you write all the Good things in my destiny?
God : I have already done.
Child : Make it a well planned destiny so i don’t have to wish for anything.
God : I am not certain on that.
Child : Then i don’t have to wish for something to be true.
God : Who knows i might have written on some pages that “As You Wish”.

The story ends here. The theme what i felt from the story is we can achieve,we can certainly get what we want if we proceed with a positive temperament. That’s why it is Said that ” Careful what you wish for” cause sometimes they come true.
In Life Positive temperament is the key to tackle every kind of Impossible situation.


“Impossibilities of Today Are The Miracles Of Tomorrow”

You may never know what you are capable of unless you go for it.
Always stand strong and stand away from all kind of Negative vibes. Follow certain entitled enlightenment paths to keep your soul and Mind Illuminated.
Life is too short to wake up with sorrows and regrets.
So Never Give up
Never Settle
Never Live a life being average.
Always be a flow rider.
Ride along the waves of life no matter how hard and rough it may become.

Thank you for your patience.


19 thoughts on “The Flow Rider”

  1. If you have chosen a journey and you are not facing any hiccups.The thick and thin than probably you are in wrong track.cherish the problem you face thats where ur strength lies!!
    #MOTIVATED #3Bikram
    very well said abt d fact of life!

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  2. This article is short and dynamic and it teaches many many things as well as burns the fire of positive ness, a bunch of courage to face the difficulties. One thing I feel here that the story is rapidly comes to end as such something pulling it to the end.

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  3. Yup..its well said that if u get an opportunity to attempt something that u have nvr learnt before..den frst accept it..den learn later.THis may result either bad or good bt must b having a lesson.Negative influence r der in our lf in order to ovrcome dem n find a postve way.So we shld nvr gv up.
    Nc article. .gud..keep it up

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  4. Life is like a imaginary highway where our confidence is the traffic signal which make us to drive in a safest manner to conquer with all the hurdles that comes in the way .But when we lose our confidence and wrap ourselves with the difficulties of our life then be aware of the traffic police.By the way do u guess who is the traffic police in our lives???The answer is they are our near and dear ones,because sometimes they care for us too much like a traffic police care for the safety of people in the road, and sometimes they also creates situation due to our mistakes which is very ardous to be deal with,like a traffic police who takes fine for our mistakes.This is just a definition of life in terms of road and traffic.

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  5. Those are idiots/dumb who give up before their last shot …. A problem never leads to get a perfect solution if you quit , so give your best until your soul remain inside of you … Do not take my last line in diplomatic way..consider it optimistically.

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  6. Well spoken. I have lived a long life that has been filled with ups and downs and I have learned that all things are temporary and that tomorrow is always a new day with new challenges but also new successes. Life is always worth living, no matter how dark it may seem on one day the sun will always rise again on another day.


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