Long Road(Undefined Journey)

Sometimes it happens to be so,we start our journey in spite of the destination. While walking along the road we find our Destination and sometimes our destination finds us.
Being a Teenager i was unaware of certain things literally. Then suddenly i started to realize how stupid we humans are to let everything devoured to god. We must know we are here to creat our own Fortune, own destiny & own Luck.
I am not pretty sure But i believe that its me who’s gonna change my future. I am not totally a “Nastik” but truly i take the responsibility of my own misery.
God gave me hands to work hard.
God gave me Legs to walk distance.
God gave me brain to think deep.
God gave me a Heart to feel the emotions.

Then why should i ask him he didn’t gave me anything.

But Human wants never want an Ending.
Precisely after walking a Few years on my own certain things getting clarited.
We are Confused within us.
We get instigated by our own miseries.
We are the only people who are responsible for the broken soul we posses.
I am Not Much of a Philosopher but I observ certain things.
Life Must go on,we need to manage our thoughts and Live like a King.
We meet people while walking through life. Some walk across our road and some walk along. Some walk for a few miles and some for short distance. We really never know with who we are meeting for the last time. We don’t need money to be Happy. All that can makes you happy is peace in mind and eternal bliss in heart.
While walking through the Road of Life we certainly get attched to people we really never knew. It happens to be so that we meet we forget.
I remember a few lines from BSB

“Life Goes On As It Never Ends
Eyes of Stone observe The trends
They never say
For ever gaze upon me”thumb_0

So my friends never feel Regreat what you are doing.
Walk down the Road feel the Obscure in mind. Taste failure and successive to success. Never let any1 say u r Nt living up to their expectations because you are not living up to their because you are living your dream man. Dream big man. Dare to Dream. Journey of your Own Kind.
They won’t understand you coz you are on your own path and they are just waving you from side of the road. Only person can understand what you are heading is you.
Never feel Bad about It.
Finally i can Say this from a Song i heard

“I don’t need their blessing now
I don’t need their invitation
Ain’t no way to shut me down
Or to take this path I’ve taken
And maybe I’ve been left out
But never let this be mistaken
They can keep their blessing now
Forget me now
‘Cause I was never welcome”

Trust me guys its hard to Survive out there each day.
Be yourself,Live your life as you dream of it.
Its been a Long road, keep on trying hard not to sell your Soul.

So never give upon yourself. Work hard and Live it.
My Honesty may be Brutal but It has nothing to deal with what others think about it.
After all you are the architect of your Own destiny.
You must have the courage to Dream.
So Dream Big and Live Life like a king size.
All the Best for a Prosperous new Year.
Thank you & Happy New Year.



Published by: 3bikram

A techno Buff yet Lover of Nature. Being an engineering student more Inclined towards Human Behavior & Emotions. Strong Seeker of Truth. Contact me at - tribikrammishra00@gmail.com

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